Behind every “Royale Event” is a “Reliable Team”!! The Royale Krakatau Catering Team are trained not only in their specific operational duties, but also a fine communication and interpersonal skills, and proffessional manner. We are devoted to your demands, prompt and a complete response to your requirements

The Royale Krakatau bestow a personalized touch. Providing any necessities that meets the requirements and budget of our customers. As an adjustment, we provide sample menus of the highest quality cuisine. We offer consistencies to our costumers as a serious commitment that we take. Our food are freshly prepared and supervised by our own Executive Chef and assembly take place in our fully-equipped kitchen. Under the supervision of our own Nutritionist, the selections of fresh vegetables, high quality meat / beef, fresh fish, ingredients, and dairy products are used from farm fresh manufacture, thereby its quality also nutritious value to meet the varied taste of our diverse customers

Helped by our Cook, the sanitation standard, quality production, and presentation or packaging over the kitchen and service staffs, are subjected to strict national health, safety and environmental hygiene standard.